Bottoms Up Blueberry


12 (or 1 package) of Lemon Poppy Lil’ Franz 
Your favorite Cream Cheese Frosting
A dozen or so blueberries (extra for snacking)

1 Clear plastic baggie in quart or gallon size 
Rubber bands


  1. We want to use the cake bites today as cupcakes so that we have a wider base to decorate with. So, it’s time to flip! Those! Franz!
  2. Next, let’s prepare the frosting bag. We like to place the corner of a plastic bag into a tall kitchen glass. Use a rubber band, if you need to, to secure the bag to the glass. Now you can easily scoop your frosting into the corner of the bag. Once full, twist the back of the bag to take out all the air, and secure the decorating bag shut with a rubber band. Cut the corner tip of the decorating bag with your scissors, and remember, the size of your frosting will be double the size of your cut!
  3. Swirl your frosting out into the perfect ice-cream-cone-shape atop each lil’ Franz.
  4. Press a fresh blueberry into the tip top of your frosting swirl. All done!

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